With Leadership by Innovation™, we have created innovation together with clients, or developed innovation competences in client organizations.

Together with any organization we can create

innovation and innovation competence

at all levels within the organization.

We deliver a unique combination of innovation enhancing IT system + consulting + training and education.

Leadership by Innovation™ is a unique facility for project teams, project managers, department managers, division managers, senior and top management and board to ensure common view, cooperation and qualified dialogue on projects in and between all levels of the organization:

  • Each project manager and team apply the system, providing insight and overview to department management.
  • The system ensures qualified reporting from department management to function managers, ensuring oversight and involvement in innovation activities.
  • Functional management is provided an opportunity to brief and involve senior management and board on the progress and possible changes of direction in the innovation and development projects.
  • Top management and Board of Directors get facilities to continuously work creatively with the company’s mission, strategy and concepts, securing consistency and synergy across business areas.

Leadership by Innovation™ contains all management phases from dynamic identification of needs, over creative development, to optimal implementation with regard to all stakeholders.

Innovation competence includes that all organizational levels of the company ‘live” a philosophy and method that promotes innovation. Our deliverables include system license, training and education – comprising an innovative video format. Our instruction and learning videos are targeted and broken down into units of 1-3 minutes. This is a new and effective format for maintenance and expansion of the organization’s innovation competence.