Innovation is wanted and many express WHY innovation is necessary. But few address HOW.

Private companies and public sectors are challenged:

Issue: Ensure corporate and national competitiveness, and our national welfare.
Solution: Beneficially applied knowledge and creativity.

Private companies and public sectors have for years been managed by people with strong administrative skills. But now politicians, industrial associations, trade unions call for more innovation. In all areas and at all levels. They all regard innovation as the cure for our country’s lack of competitiveness and growth, and cure for the public sector’s large consumption of resources.

We know HOW.
Our core competency is management of innovation processes and creative work at all levels. We have worked in and for large and small organizations. We have led from the top to the project team. We have participated in others’ innovation activities. We have created and commercialized own innovations. We’ve done it so many times that we have created our own philosophy and method Leadership by Innovation™.

Regaining competitiveness starts with recognition of that ”Innovation is beneficially applied knowledge and creativity that makes it possible to discover and realize what not yet exist”. And that innovation requires competence, which is to be acquired, developed and led in all organizations at all levels.

Leadership by Innovation™
Implementation of our IT-based Innovation and Management System, Leadership by Innovation™ is the way to create the skills that are the answer to How?

Together with hospital teams, we have tailored our system to the healthcare sector. Healthcare Innovation and Management System combines philosophy, methodology and facilities for innovation in the healthcare sector. More industries and sectors lack the same facility. Is your sector our next vertical?